Swot Analysis of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)


Resilient political party – survived most attempts to break it up

Best representation of the middle class – strong middle class appeal

Performance oriented

Extremely loyal members

Came out of shadows of Altaf Hussain, generally considered impossible

Strong hold in major urban areas of Sind

Well organized/ disciplined


Change image to a productive party with broader and national outlook

Take ownership of Urban cities of Sind and work for their betterment

Reach out to other ethnic groups and work with them

Mobilize disciplined supporters to work for the community at large.

Turn Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Sind into exemplary cities


Narrow perspective/ objectives

Too much effort to defend Altaf Hussain

Very active militant group

Considered extortionists

Considered anti establishment

Involved in killings

No real message for masses, except protection of Muhajir’s rights

Only urban appeal in some cities of Sind


In group fighting and continued killings of each other

Cornered further, if overall security situation does not improve in Karachi, as MQM is considered to be one of the parties harboring criminals

Corruption of top party leaders could create some leadership vacuum causing split and in fighting




MQM is the most resilient party in Pakistan. It has survived the most attempt to break it up. Being united and very disciplined in furthering its cause, MQM can contribute a lot for the development of Karachi and Sind. It needs a broader perspective and mission. MQM has no real threats and is a likely a long term survivor. It will remain strong in Karachi and Urban areas of Sind, but will struggle to gain country wide acceptance because of its ethnic appeal.

In the next election, MQM is likely to maintain its part position in the Center and in Sind.