Swot Analysis of Pakistan Peoples Party


Strong grass root support

Strong ethnic appeal

Young leadership

Love for the family, have the largest diehard followers among all parties

Presence in all Provinces

Strong Legacy of leaders

No leadership vacuum



Turn around perception through performance

Regain past position in Punjab

Clean up the old guards and bring in fresh blood with a zeal to perform

Bring active governance in Sind for the next two years

Consolidate Bilawal’s position

Zardari bring money from Swiss accounts into Pakistan, and clear his reputation – no big deal for him

Mend ways and shun past governance style, root out corruption from party and government in Sind

Aggressively reach out to masses in other provinces, who would be willing to give more chances to PPP, as opposed to any other party







Possible struggle leadership at the top most level

Relied too long on Bhutto name

Not performed, taken things for granted

Tainted reputation of Zardari

Regional organization not strong, consists of old guards, who have failed

Lost considerable ground in Punjab – The strong hold in the past

No performance under the belt.


Continue to protect Zardari and others, hence lose out more support

Zardari and other leaders are nailed for corruption

Lose ground in Sind due to bad governance, thus creating a vacuum for other parties to fill.

Become a marginal party rather than mainstream and a major party.


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is the only political party in Pakistan that has the grass root support and, probably, the highest number of diehards. It is also the only major political party that has a successor for party leadership – Bilawal Bhutto. He is young and can mature as he goes along. With these factors, PPP is, probably, the only party in Pakistan that has a long term potential, as we see today. All PPP has to do is to improve its image that is tarnished by Zardari as a party that is extensively involved in corruption, and turn out performance.  If PPP is successfully able to perform and improve image, then is in a good position to rule Pakistan for 20-25 years from 2025 onwards. By 2025, the party leader would also be in his forties and mature.

Having said that, the next elections may see PPP struggling to get more seats. May just be able to hold on to about 30-40 seats at the Center.