SWOT Analysis of The Religious Parties


Loyal supporters

Appeal to the religious sentiments of the people

Diehard supporters

Influence large segment of society through madrasas

Large number of young enrolled in madrasas

Somewhat disciplined


Unite to form a uniform platform

Become more tolerant towards other ethnic groups

Allow madrasas to come under Govt. supervision

Walk away from supporting jihadists, militant groups

Demilitarize madrasas and militant wings

Do more social work

Follow a more moderate path


Leadership controversial

Support/ harbor militant groups

Losing mass appeal

Support Pakistan arch enemy TTP

Recipients of foreign funding

Creating discord among ethnic groups

Involved in fighting proxy wars and bloody killings

Anti West outlook

Want to take matters in own hand

Intolerance towards others


Sided with dictators and establishment


Uprising from masses

Possible ban from establishment/ government

Losing mass appeal and may not have any social or political role

Could be strapped for funding

Internal and external blacklisting






The religious parties have used religion to muster support of the gullible masses. They have done nothing constructive for the country, except wage religious wars, create discord among various ethnic groups, fight proxy wars on behalf of foreign countries. Religious parties harbor the largest group of militant groups, have largest cache of arms and are not working in the interest of the country. Hence, at best they will remain where they are with losing mass appeal. In the longer term, these parties will fade away The leadership has used masses to further their own objectives.

In the next elections, they are likely to fare no better than they did in the last elections.