The fate of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir

There are two types of people, there are the ones who believe that individuals are bigger than the country and others who believe that the country is bigger than the individuals.

I say this in the context of Rameez Raja’s interview with Geo TV in which he came out a biased arbitrator with regard to comeback of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir (The Trio) into international cricket. Personally, I do not regard him highly for his cricketing sense and his abilities as cricket commentator. After listening to his interview at Geo TV, I am convinced that, as an individual, he is biased and low in character.

With regard the Trio, he said that they should not be allowed into international cricket. When asked whether he will object to the trio being selected by any of the PSL Franchises. He replied I’ll see when the time comes – given his earlier rhetoric in the program, he definitely will oppose their return to international cricket.

Now look at the arguments he gave against the Trio:

  • He said that the trio has no remorse and they come into the cricketing field with long hair do and open chested posture
  • They have brought Pakistan into disrepute by their acts and, therefore, should be barred from the cricket
  • The other cricketers don’t feel comfortable with Trio in the team

I believe that all arguments don’t hold water and are not a reflection of an individual who looks at things objectively.

With regard to his first point, why should they show any remorse? They have served their sentence and come out of it with greater zeal to get back into international cricket. They should be considered on their abilities and performance and not somebody’s opinion on their demeanor. Isn’t this the way it should be? If Rameez Raja doesn’t like their demeanor, so be it. That is his problem not theirs.

With regard to the point number 2, we must understand that the individual acts are not a reflection of country’s reputation.  What the Trio did were individual acts, and not as Pakistan. Rameez should understand this simple point.

With regard to the third point, of course some of the other players feel threatened of their place in the team, if they came back. So be it. One cannot have the team hostage to a few players, who may lose their place if the Trio or any one of them comes back into the team.

I support the return of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir back into Pakistan and international cricket and they should be given a fair chance. They have served the punishment given to them, which I personally think that was very harsh in any case. Rameez Raja seems to hold a personal grudge against them. This episode clearly shows that Rameez Raja is a prejudiced person and hold grudges against players as well, He may hold personal grudges against others as well.

We should condemn, Rameez, Haroon Rashid and likes for unreasonably lobbying against the Trio in Public and privately. I also demand of PCB to relieve Rameez and Haroon Rashid of any direct or ambassadorial responsibilities for he has shown his personal dislike for certain cricketers.

I also ask of the ICC and the TV channels to relieve Rameez him as a commentator for he is a biased person. His bias against the Trio has no less impact that Dean Jones racial slur.