COAS’ meeting with Imran Khan

There is a lot of discussion about the COAS’ meeting with Imran Khan on the media with, so called experts giving their two scents of opinion on;

  1. What may have conspired at the meeting
  2. Why only Imran Khan was invited and not other political leaders
  3. Or for that matter, is this the beginning of series of meeting by COAS with the political parties heads?
  4. There is a deal made between the COAS and Imran Khan
  5. Imran Khan has been told that he is the next PM (as claimed by PTI), and so on

Although I am not privy to any information, here is my take on this meeting.

  1. The meeting must have been called at the behest of the govt to deliver certain messages. The COAS is not likely to ask for this meeting unilaterally as this would be out of order and in appropriate
  2. Imran Khan must have been warned not to support the TTP and likes as Pakistan govt and the army are fighting these terrorist.
  3. FATA will not be merged with KPK as this is not feasible until the governance issues sorted out
  4. There is no deal between the army and Imran Khan as this will be an illegal act and considered a subversive activity.
  5. Imran Khan has not been given any understanding to the affect that he will be the next PM, as PTI asserts, because this would be pre-poll rigging and another illegal act.

So, my take is that Imran Khan’s meeting with the COAS is a warning to Imran kahn and is not a good sign for PTI. If, by any chance, the meeting was arranged without government’s consent or on its behest, the COAS would have been asked to pack his bag and go home.