Imran was not given 4 candies now he wants the whole candy store


The people of Pakistan are happy with the the present government as shown in the Gallup survey. My recent informal survey of educated class shows 75+% plus approval of the present government in both its performance and handling of the present situation. whether because of sympathy or performance, this rating is improving. Let’s keep this survey aside, if the Prime Minister is forced to resign under the pressure of army and others and asked to go home, he will dissolve the assemblies and call re-election in 90 days as per the constitution.

Additionally, Nawaz Sharif will go as a martyr, who has not been allowed to complete his 5 years term, as has been the case in the past. Imran Khans demeanor in the past and now clearly show his desire to side with non-democratic forces, particularly his alliance with PAT.  He will not be able to resurrect himself. no matter what.  it is proven beyond the shadow of doubt that there was no rigging as he claims. He had lied all along and that  his rhetoric is not supported by any credible evidence. It is based more on conjecture that substance.

The next elections, will obviously be held in a much secure environment for all. The inability of PPP ANP PMLN to hold rallies under threat from TTP would no more be there. They will certainly do better. No question on that. PTI is likely to get less seats than before and will most likely become marginal.

As a final remark, and seeing Imran Khan`s handling of his party`s affairs, if the rigging was done, I repeat if it was , then it was a good decision. Imran Khan is acting like a child who says that since you did not agree to give me 4 lolly pops, I am going to take over the whole candy store.