Pakistan in Grip of Mafias

Pakistan is probably the only country in the World that has been in the center of wars for about 35 years. In the last 15 years it has faced a civil war like situation, including a battle ground for proxy wars between Gulf countries and Iran. During this period spurious organizations and jihadists mushroomed in Pakistan fully armed, brain washed and given license to kill and cause destruction. Two military take overs left a political vacuum in the country leading to these outfits gaining ground to fill the vacuum.

As we speak, the democracy has returned in the country. The media is free and so are the mafias who are active in their own sphere of operation. They have become increasingly active to serve their self-interest and not the interest of the country. The following is the list of mafias operating in Pakistan in order of their impact on the society.

  • Media: Pakistani media is in the forefront of all the mafias. Its reach is worldwide and its impact is lethal. Unfortunately, it is in grip of owners and anchors who have no sense of what is good for the country and what is good public information?
    1. The Anchors blackmail people in the civil society and extort money from them. They have become self-proclaimed experts on all issues. They play a musical chair game of same faces that come on media to give their opinion. You hardly see experts/ scholars being asked to come and give opinions.
    2. The people who have destructive agenda for Pakistan such as Tahir ul Qadri Imran Khan & likes are given inordinate amount of air time, knowingly that they want to create anarchy.
    3. The motivation to spread sensationalism is so intense that the news, which should not be there, are now the breaking news.
    4. The journalists and so called experts like Hasan Nisar, Haroon Rashid & likes spread too much pessimism in the society. They do not have an ability to look at things positively.
  • Religious: Most madrasahs and religious organizations have developed into dangerously armed cults. They have been allowed to mushroom in all parts of the country, the cult followers are brainwashed and given a license to kill. They kill with impunity and extort money in the name of religion.
  • Political: The political leadership has no sense of allegiance to the country. They have allegiance to their own self-interest. They do not want to give the country the time or an opportunity to develop. Leading among them is PTI and MQM. Imran Khan wants premiership at all cost. Altaf Hussain wants allegiance to him only. PMLQ, as always intriguing to bring others down etc. They do not want stability in the country
  • Institutional: The law enforcing agencies are infested with people who have formed their own gangs and links with extortionists and criminals that give the criminal the umbrella to operate freely
  • Bhatta Khors have infested into political parties and all segment of society and demand ransom money, do bank robberies, steal and kill with impunity. When arrested, the political interference comes to their help.

Having said all that, the silver lining is that all mafias have terminal life. They end is swift and complete so they are not able to surface again. The people get so fed up that they come out and bring them to justice. This will happen in the next 2 to 3 years. The people of Pakistan should rise against all mafias and do their best to stop them from harming Pakistan.