Swot Analysis of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf



Imran Khan popular among certain group

Can pull crowd

Energetic Leader

Some support from establishment





Still time to perform in KPK

Prove his worth and stake a claim to form the government in KPK

Change stance from personal attacks to development and achievements in KPK

Prove worthy of running the government

Walk the talk


Surrounded by turncoats

Imran comes across as fake and opportunist

Arrogant and opportunist

Does not walk the talk

PTI pursues confrontational politics

Uncontrolled rhetoric, based on false information

Not moved an inch from where he was three years ago

Personal attacks without much substance

Appear confused

In party split

Imran Khan Flip Flops

Supporter of Pakistan’s arch enemy TTP


Have lost much of the support from his followers

Leadership vacuum after Imran leaves

May lose it all and become Asghar Khan type party

Loyalists may leave the party leaving for the

Opportunists to take over

Lose miserably in 2018 and go out of existence

Imran khan may be taken out because of his links with  TTP




Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) seems to have lost a golden opportunity to stake its claim for forming the government at the center. Having lost the election on its previous message of routing corruption (which, by the way, it has not done in KPK), PTI continues to push the same rhetoric.To PTI and Imran Khan, everybody else is a crook and he is a saint. Imran Khan is not stable, reacts too quickly to false information and then has to backtrack. He assumes that everybody is a fool and they do not understand his blunders. His biggest weakness is his perceived links with TTP – he is viewed as a supporter of TTP

Not likely to form government in KPK and most likely would win less seats in the next election at the center (between10-15 at best).