SWOT Analysis of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group


  • Drive to Build Pakistan’s Infrastructure
  • Result Oriented
  • Progress to show
  • Focused leadership
  • Clear objectives and road maps for development
  • High maturity level
  • No major corruption scandal so far
  • Ability to take bold decision
  • One knows what will he get from the party

  • To build much needed        infrastructure
  • Consolidate party position across Provinces
  • Build institutions
  • Create greater goodwill for the party in the country
  • Win next elections



  • Cronyism, PM surrounded by cronies
  • Extremely suspicious of army
  • Key ministries vacant
  • No new faces
  • Poor public relations
  • Inability to defend good decisions
  • Lost all ground in Sind due to inept local party members

  • In ability to handle various state actors, Army, Judiciary, political allies
  • Inability of the Sharif Family to come out clean on Panama leaks and money laundering issues
  • Inability to show new look to people
  • Lose Punjab to PPP, with Sind already lost may also lose Govt. at the  Center
  • Leadership vacuum after Nawaz Sharif

Cronyism is the biggest weakness that appear to stem from the fear of others. This impedes ability of Nawaz Sharif to deal effectively with other political parties. Poor public information and some inept Ministers are causing a drag on the party and not enabling it to bear full fruits of their effort. While, PMLN is expected to make the government at the Center, Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, it will have difficulty doing so beyond 2018, unless a transition is made to a new leadership that is perceived to be worthy of carrying the mantle forward

Having said that, with the current momentum and good work towards intiating infrastructure development, PMLN is likely to win the next elections with more seats (about 150) at the center.

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