The World wants to see Pakistan strong


The Pakistani nation suffers from conspiracy phobia that the US, Israel, India and other Western countries are enemies of Pakistan and they want to see Pakistan weak or destroyed. The religious parties, who have one agenda to make money by abusing the religion, are in the forefront of spreading this phobia. I would like to provide another perspective, which suggests to the contrary. I believe that India, Israel, US and, of course China included, want to see Pakistan economically and militarily strong for the following reasons:

  • The biggest challenge in the next 20-25 years to the world will come from India and not China.
  • India is rapidly become an economically, technologically, and militarily strong country. With over a billion population, it will pose a challenge to the world
  • Unless there is a strong deterrent on the Western border, India could potentially advance Westwards and reach the Mediterranean sea.
  • The only country that can resist India‚Äôs advance towards the West is Pakistan. If you take Pakistan out of the equation, there is no country that can provide resistance to India all the way to the Mediterranean. With over a billion population and more than 2 million plus strong army, it could be handful to the US.
  • Economically strong and nuclear Pakistan will provide a credible deterrent to India.

Why would India want a strong Pakistan?

India think tanks very well realize that the strongest of countries succumb to the temptation for expanding their borders, over extend themselves and perished in the process. This has happened throughout history. Being the only Hindu state in the world, It would like to preserve its identity and keep whatever territory it has under its control and not lose out all in its temptation to expand. So to avoid the temptation in the future, India would want to see Pakistan strong.

What are your thoughts?